Expressing Thoughts

Posted on February 1st, 2019

Anything left in a confined, isolated space will never grow. Same holds for our thoughts too.

This is why we should express our thoughts in an effective way instead of letting them stay confined within our heads. This will allow them to mature and take their form - good or bad.

Most people identify too strongly with their thoughts. It’s almost as if their thoughts strongly compose of their personalities. For them, letting their thoughts out of their heads makes them vulnerable to other people’s judgements. This is why even the most darkest of our thoughts sometimes stay repressed in our heads and if they’re fed constantly, they form a completely different personality within ourselves - almost like another person living within us. Sounds familiar?

Hence it becomes very important for us to find a safe space where we can openly express our thoughts and discuss with people so we can better discriminate whether those thoughts are really worth identifying with. Whether those thoughts would do greater good to us and our surroundings rather than cause mental or physical damage.

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