New Beginnings

Posted on January 1st, 2019

This is that generic hello world post every developer includes on their blog. I’m just honoring the tradition. But really this isn’t the first time I’ve written down a Hello World post which is why the title is New Beginnings instead.

It just happens every time I start blogging, I just somehow give up on it after writing a few posts. Not like I run out of ideas or anything - I got fuck ton of ideas to write about. It’s just my inner critic starts to scream about the quality I’m producing and how it’s not leading to any results.

But this time it feels a bit different since this blog site was developed by me from completely scratch. It’s like a baby I had and now I need to raise it by feeding it content. Quality of content doesn’t matter - only thing that matters is that I keep feeding it or it dies.

Before this I experimented with way too many frameworks and self-hosted services to keep something up on These include static web CMS built with RoR, Medium Publications, Wordpress, Wix, GoDaddy Website builder (yeah I know, I was a newbie).

But I finally settled on Gatsby which is an amazing static website generator built with React. It uses GraphQL in the background to convert simple markdown files into blog pages - which is perfect because I don’t need to add database to store posts etc. And there’s something really soothing about writing your blog posts in a markdown file.

Another reason why I’m blogging here and not on Medium anymore is that this website will be much harder to find unless I go out of my way to share it around. Unlike Medium where my posts were visible to the whole world and the quality of my posts were constantly being measured based on the number of claps it got. This can be really discouraging for a writer who’s just starting out.

So let’s hope no one finds me here and I can use this as my little diary to elaborate upon some revolutionary ideas so they don’t get lost in the void.


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